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The Pathway to Obtaining a Professional Engineering License 2015

Get on the right track when you join your peers for this informative webinar. The presenters will answer questions regarding the various steps required to become a licensed professional engineer in the United States. Discover the importance of becoming a licensed professional engineer and how the successful completion of the process can affect your career. Learn the ropes from two leading industrial engineers who can offer insight and advice to help keep your career and professional goals on track.

Coaching and Advising the Next Generation of IEs

Two senior IIE industry speakers, Paul Fearon of Texas Instruments in South Portland, Maine, and Anne Ostlund of Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas, will talk briefly and answer questions about their experience coaching and advising young professional IEs.

Coaching and Advising Young Industrial Engineering Professionals

Two senior and noteworthy industrial engineers, Ken McClymonds and Tom Tatevasion will be on a panel organized by IIE’s Industry Advisory Board to offer coaching and advising to young Industrial Engineering professionals.

Coaching/Advising the Next Generation of IEs

The next webinar in our series of "Coaching/Advising the Next Generation of IEs" will continue in November with the theme and discussion centered on Leadership, Leading teams, and Leading without direct authority.

Advice/ Guidance about Personal Development and Career Options Post-Graduation

This webinar brings together a strong compilation of experiences both in private and in government sectors. The webinar will focus on a series of questions to the panelists who talk about their career experiences and what advice they can provide to young professionals about personal development and career options post-graduation.

Coaching/Advising the Next Generation of IEs

Two senior IIE Industry speakers (Roman Hlutkowsky & Doug Rabeneck) talk briefly about their experiences Coaching and Advising Young Professional IEs - through outside company organizations (like IIE or University IE Departments).

IIE Young Professionals Introduction

This webinar introduced the IIE Young Professionals Committee and included a brief introduction from each committee member (seven representatives). The committee discussed the benefits of being involved as a volunteer within IIE and concluded with current actions and objectives of the committee - highlighting opportunities for involvement within each.

The IIE Young Professionals Committee is a group of Young Professional leaders within IIE charged to identify the needs of IE professionals under the age of 35.

Industrial and Systems Engineers Make a Difference Everywhere (video)


Engineering Careers at Disney (video)

IE and Management Careers

Management is a natural extension of industrial engineering. IEs integrate people, processes, equipment, information and systems to do things better, whether it’s for manufacturing, services, communications, agriculture, or any other field. Learn how IEs can move into management.

Get an IE Job 

This presentation highlights classic distinctions between the nature of a "job" and a "profession." The broader potential for satisfaction as an IE professional is discussed, along with many pointers as to how to expand beyond the duties of your job to your role as an IE professional.

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