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Society for Engineering & Management Systems (SEMS) Student Paper Competition

The papers should demonstrate or describe the use of techniques that improve productivity and quality through effective and economical managerial techniques and philosophies. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit papers. The winners must present their papers in the ISERC Engineering Management Track at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo May 31-June 3, 2014, in Montreal, QC, Canada. Their names will not be announced during the banquet. Their names will be announced on Tuesday before the keynote address. In addition, their names will be on the scrolling PowerPoint Monday and Tuesday morning as people enter the ballroom for the keynote speakers.

The first place winner will be included in the IIE Honors & Awards Program. The lead authors of the first, second and third place papers will each receive a certificate.

The SEMS-SI committee is pleased to announce that, for the 2014 Student Paper Competition, we will submit the winners’ work, depending on the paper topic, to either Industrial Engineer or Industrial Management magazine. Pending review by IIE staff, the papers will be published in the appropriate magazine. This is a "don’t miss" opportunity, as the winners will have the opportunity to publish their work at either of the previously mentioned magazines in addition to presenting their work at the ISERC. These types of opportunities look great on a resume! We believe that participating in the 2014 SPC is a wonderful way to kick off the professional or academic careers or students!

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The applicant must be a full-time student at the time of submission.
  • The paper must present original research results.
  • The research must have been conducted while the applicant was a student.
  • The paper must not have won or been considered for an award in another competition.
  • At least one author must be an IIE member and present the paper at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo.
  • Winning papers will appear on the SEMS website.
  • Authors will be asked to sign an ethics statement stating that they are full-time students and that the research and writing is their own work.
  • Advising by a non-student is allowed, such as an academic or industry advisor. However, only students can be authors or co-authors.

Abstract and application submission deadline: Nov. 22
Notification of acceptance: Dec. 19
Full paper submission deadline: Jan. 22
Notification of winners: March 7
The winner will be notified by TBA.

Submission Form and Ethics Statement 

Please submit the abstract and submission form in an electronic format (PDF file) to the committee chair, Dr. Janaina Costa. When preparing the abstract, please note that the title is limited to 10 words and the abstract should be between 100 and 200 words. Papers will be blind-reviewed. To this end, do not include any author information in the draft paper submission. Please follow the below guidelines and use the paper template when preparing the manuscript.

Word doc Paper Template | Latex Paper Template 

The winning papers will be published in the ISERC proceedings. Up to three awards may be given upon recommendation of the SEMS selection committee. As this is a student competition, papers co-authored by professors are excluded from the competition, but your professor’s assistance is welcome.

2014 Winners

First Place
"Optimal replacement of tool during turning titanium metal matrix composites"
Primary Author: Yasser Shaban,
Co-Authors: M. Aramesh, S.Yacout, M. Balazinski, H. Attia, H. A. Kishawy
Univeristy: Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada

Second Place
"Increase Routing Efficiency to Achieve Distribuition Leagility"
Primary Author: Luis A. Garza-Gomez
Co-Authors: Denisse M D Leon-Vilarreal, Ricardo S Alfaro-Carrizales
University: Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

Third Place
"Integrating a Food Supply System for a Group of Restaurant Enterprises"
Primary Author: Ivonne Guerra-Trevino
Co-Authors: Maribel Larrodes-Casasus, Rebeca Capetillo-Leal
Univeristy: Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

Past Winners 

For more information, contact Bonnie Cameron or call (800) 494-0460, ext. 105.

SEMS website 

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