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Monthly TVP Calls

  • Varies monthly

Annual Deadlines

  • May 1: Submit 2014-2015 Division Health Report to TVP
  • July 31: 3-Year Strategic Plan Draft to TVP for approval (only if a current strategic plan which covers the operating year 2015-2016 has not yet been submitted)
  • Sept. 6: Submit 2016 Awards documentation to TVP for approval
  • Sept. 30: Update Annual Goals and submit to TVP
  • Oct. 11-Dec. 14: Start of election process (see Division election Timeline document for exact date for your Division)
  • Oct. 30: Submit 2016 Awards Sponsorship Documentation
  • Nov. 30: 2016 Awards Sponsorship Funds due
  • Jan. 24-Mar 21: Elections open (see Division Election Timeline document for exact date for your Division)
  • Jan. 31: Review Bylaws, Policies & Procedures and submit to TVP if changes are needed

IIE TVP Roles/Goals for Divisions

Sample: Town Hall Presentations

Division Documentation




Division Health Report 

Election/Appointment Process Division 



Policies & Procedures 

Strategic Planning 


  • Information on how to set up a webinar


Toni Doolen, SVP technical networking 2014-2016 

  • Society for Engineering & Management Systems
  • Society for Health Systems

Mike Testani, TVP 2014-2017 

  • Computer & Information Systems Division
  • Process Industries Division
  • Sustainable Development Division

Gillian Nicholls, TVP 2015-2018 

  • Construction Division
  • Lean Division
  • Operations Research

Gwendolyn Malone Campbell, TVP 2013-2016 

  • GOErgo Division
  • Supply Chain/Logistics Division
  • Work Systems Division

Lukasz Mazur, TVP 2015-2018 

  • Quality Control and Reliability Division
  • Engineering Economy Division
  • Manufacturing & Design Division

Elaine Schwartz, membership administrator

Nancy LaJoice, director of membership

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